Legal Agreements

Employment Agreement

Employment Agreement serves as a legally binding contract that outlines the terms and conditions of employment for employer and employee. Find expert help from trained professionals at StartupFino for services on Employment agreement.

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Customer or Vendor Agreement

Customer or Vendor Agreement is the Master Service Agreement with your Customers orAgreement with your Vendors. Draft Customer or Vendor Agreement for your business using Startupfino Services.

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Terms of Use Agreement

A terms of use agreement lists what customers must do and what they can expect from an organisation.

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Founders Agreement

A Founders' Agreement is a formal contract signed by all co-founders of a company, serving as a blueprint for their collaboration.

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Non Disclosure Agreement

Non Disclosure Agreement is the agreement agreed between the Parties where they agree not to disclose the confidential information of other party. Easily draft the Non-disclosure agreement for your business using Startupfino.

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Transfer Pricing Agreement

Transfer pricing agreement is a rising issue in the international market and plays a vital role in the global economy.

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