IPR & Trademark

Trademark Registration

A trademark is a unique symbol, logo or phrase that is used to identify a company and differentiate its products or services from those of others.

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Trademark Objections

Trademark Objection is the process of filing the reply with the Trademark authorities against the Objection raised by them. Easily file the reply against the Trademark Objection using Startupfino Services.

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Trademark Assignment

Trademark Assignment is the process of Assigning or Transferring the rights of Trademark to the other Person. . Easily Assign your registered Trademark to the ultimate beneficiaryusingStartupfino services.

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Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration is the intellectual property which allows the person to become the legal owner of his own creativity with respect to music, website, paintings, etc. Easily file your Copyright Application using Startupfino Services.

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Patent Registration

Patent Registration is the Intellectual property registration that promotes the innovation and gives inventor the legal right of prohibiting others to use the Innovation. Easily Apply for Patent registration using Startupfino Services.

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