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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

How to Start an Education Business In India?

by Swati Raghuwanshi
How to Start an Education Business In India?

Education business which is completely related to education has a lot of scope in the market. Education is one of the most basic needs of every human being. It is provided as a fundamental right under the constitution of India. Although it has a great scope, simultaneously the market is full of competitors as well. In such scenarios it’s really important to make your business different from others so that the audience will be attracted towards your business. If you are entering this market with the vision which already exists, chances of success of your business are very less. Hence it’s really important to start an education business in India with uniqueness and by following all the legalities. 

Is Educational Business Profitable in India? 

Yes, an education business in India can be profitable in India if you establish it by all the rules, regulation, with unique strategies, professional assistance etc. This business is just like other businesses, success depends on strategy and smartwork. As mentioned above, the market is full of such businesses but still there is scope for unique ideas in the similar businesses. Hence you can opt for this business if you have a unique idea. 

How to Establish an Education Business in India? 

In order to start your own business related to education follow the steps given below: 

Do Market Research 

The very first thing you need to do is market research. You need to understand how others are working in the same industry, whom they are serving, what they are doing, which you need to do and what not, how to make your business different from them, how to beat them, who is their target audience, how they generate revenue etc. its really important to understand the market properly before actually entering into the same. 

Know your Target Audience 

Don’t try to make everyone your target audience. You need to completely analyze your business idea and accordingly decide who can be your target audience. For example if you want to start an education related business where you want to give guidance regarding the judiciary, then you have to target law students because they are the ones who can opt for this exam. 

Well Drafted Strategy

There are thousands of ideas floating in the market but failed, because of bad strategic planning. Hence make sure you will have a well drafted strategy to implement your business properly among the competitors.  Education business plan,  will make half of your work done towards the path of success. For drafting a strategic plan you can take help from various professionals like CA, CS or Lawyers because it is really important for any kind of business to be established legally. 

Decide a Unique Name 

If you are also among those people who think that the name of the business can be anything, then you are wrong. Name is one of the most important things in a business. Hence the  name of the business must be chosen carefully. Also make sure the name which you are thinking about to give your business is not already taken by somebody. Name should be unique and not already taken by somebody else. 

Education Business Registration

Under such kinds of businesses many things will be covered like schools and coaching centers. If one wants to register the business in order to start a school then trust registration is the best form of registration because they are noble services provided to the children. Even they are tax-extended as well. But when it comes to private coaching centers you can choose any kind of company registration for them because they are considered under the service providers because they are working with the profit motive. For this purpose you can choose any of the given entity: 

  • Private Limited Company Registration 
  • Sole Proprietorship Firm 
  • Partnership Firm 
  • Limited Liability Partnership Firm 
  • One Person Company 

Launch your Business in the Market 

With all the above things, additionally you need to focus on advertisement, hiring, getting an office in a good location, etc. after doing all the things properly you can launch your business in the market. Once your business is launched in the market, it’s really important to do its assessment from time to time. 

Educational Business and Trademark Registration 

As mentioned above, this kind of businesses are floating in the market already and there are chances of more in the future, hence it is important to secure your business through trademark registration in India. This is because no one can take your recognition from you. For example if you have established your business with the name “A” and tomorrow a new competitor enters the business industry with the same name and claims that they have been using this name for years even before you started using it. Therefore in order to make your business safe and secure against such claims you must take IPR protection. 

Is GST Applicable on Educational Institutions? 

Certain types of educational institutions are exempted from the GST but not all of them. For example if you are running a private coaching center then you have to pay GST if you cross the gst minimum turnover limit. Hence it can be said that it completely depends on the types of business institution whether GST registration will be applicable on the same or not. Generally educational institutions come under the category of service providers and they have to pay 18% GST on their services. 


Businesses are of multiple kinds and there is no limit on the types of businesses and business ideas. Even the market is full of ideas and businesses. But only those businesses are successful which are established through proper planning. If you are thinking about establishing your education business make sure you will establish it properly as per the guidance given above. In case you want any kind of assistance feel free to contact an expert like startupinfo. They will help you out to establish your business by following all the rules and regulations which are applicable on your business. 


  1. What is the main Educational Business in India? 

One of the most revolutionized education related businesses in India is private coaching centers. They are earning a lot of profit and have a lot of scope in the market. 

  1. Is GST applicable on private coaching centers? 

Yes, GST is applicable on all the coaching institutions if they cross the GST threshold limit. This is because they are considered as service providers under the GST laws. 

  1. How do I start my own educational business? 

In order to start your own education related business you need to decide the particular business type first and after that with the help of professionals you can implement your business in the market by following all the legalities of the business which are also known as business requirements. 

  1. Is Educational Business legal in India? 

Yes, if such businesses have been established after following all the legal requirements they are legal in India. 

  1. How to grow educational businesses in India? 

Market is full of such businesses, hence in order to grow your business you need to do proper market research and need to do things with uniqueness. If you will also do the things which are already present in the market chances of growth are very less. 

  1. What are the top education business ideas

Some of the top ideas which include such businesses are private coaching centers, vocational training classes, different types of short term courses, stationeries etc. 

  1. How startupfino helps in registering educational institutions? 

Startupfino has a team of experts who are experienced in setting up startups with their help startupfino aids in registering educational institutions in India. 

  1. Why should one choose Startupfino to establish an educational business in India? 

Because of the following you should choose startupfino in order to establish any kind of education related business: 

  • Expertise in thor work 
  • Tailored Solutions has been provided by them 
  • Regulatory Compliance has been done by their expert assistance 
  • Comprehensive Support has been provided continuously 
  • Networking Opportunities has been provided to your business 
  • Efficiency and Timeliness is important for them 
  • Continued Assistance has been provided 

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