Friday, May 31, 2024
Friday, May 31, 2024

How to Download Valuation Certificate

by Swati Raghuwanshi
Download Valuation Certificate

Valuation certificate is one of the most important documents when it comes to the sale and purchase of land, house, flat etc. In order to get the correct value of the property this certification is required. It is useful in many ways like while getting loans. If you are taking a house loan then the bank will surely ask you for this valuation certificate of your land and accordingly the loan will be sanctioned to you. This certification is not just a formality, it has many implications due to which it has been obtained by the owner of the land or any other such property. In order to know more about the valuation certificate and process to download valuation certificate, keep reading the present blog. 

What do you Mean by Valuation Certificate? 

Valuation certification is a certificate issued to the owner of the respective property, in order to provide an exact valuation of the property he or she owns. It is critical for the owner or buyer to understand the actual cost of the property. This certificate is a legal document that states the worth of the property. Every now and then, the owner clearly cannot speak about the value of his property. This is when the valuation certificate comes into play. It includes all of the data about the property, such as its cost and market location. In order to get this certificate one needs to apply for the same either online or offline. Once your certificate is issued you can also download valuation certificate.  

Main Aim of the Valuation Certification 

It is evident that anyone looking to acquire a property or land will want to know the cost, market worth, characteristics, description, and so on. No one would consider purchasing land unless they are fully informed about it. The land valuation certificate informs the buyers about the land. This certificate protects buyers from falling into the traps of the dealers. The land valuation certification bans sellers from concealing land facts from potential buyers. It also prevents buyers from overpaying for land because the sellers misled them. The buyers study the value certificate beforehand. This prevents unexpected surprises later on. 

Apply for Online Valuation Certificate in India 

In order to download valuation certificate you must apply for the same online. In order to get this certificate follow the steps given below: 

  • Visit the official website of the valuation authority in order toi start with the online process of obtaining valuation certification 
  • Look for the “Online Services” or “Apply Online” section.
  • Create an account or log in if you already have one.
  • Select the option for “Valuation Certificate.”
  • Complete the online application form with proper information.
  • Upload scanned copies of required documents.
  • Pay the applicable fees online through secure payment gateways.
  • Verify the data supplied and then submit the application.
  • You will get an acknowledgment or reference number, once you submit the application 
  • You may monitor the current state of your application online using the reference number you provided.
  • Once processed, download the valuation certificate from the portal.
  • Print the certificate for your records and future reference.

Process to Download Valuation Certificate 

In order to download valuation certificate follow the steps given below: 

  • Visit the official website of the valuation authority in order to download valuation certificate 
  • Now on this stage kindly sign in to your user account 
  • Navigate to the section for “Download Certificate” or “Certificates.”
  • Locate the specific valuation certificate you wish to download.
  • Click on the certificate to open it for viewing.
  • Look for an option to download or save the certificate.
  • Choose the download option and store the file to the desired location on your device.
  • Once downloaded, you can open the certificate using a PDF reader or similar software.

List of Documents Required for the Valuation Certificate 

Following documents are mandatory in order to obtain the valuation certificate after which you can download valuation certificate from the official website: 

  • Encumbrance certificate is also required. 
  • Sale Deed is used to check the record of property transfers.
  • A land use certificate is required as proof of the allowed land use category.
  • A valid property owner identification evidence is necessary. 
  • To authenticate the property owner’s address, they must provide address documentation and a PAN card is also required.  
  • Recent owner images are necessary.
  • A title deed is necessary as proof of property ownership.
  • Property survey report with boundary and size details.
  • Property tax receipts are used to confirm tax payments.
  • Building plan approval for local authority-approved plans.

Why should one Obtain Valuation Certification? 

Some of the key advantages or we can say benefits of the valuation certification are discussed below due to which one should download valuation certificate in India: 

  • Compliance with regulations has been done with the help of this certification 
  • Legal requirement for transactions has been completed with its help 
  • Establishing fair market value is necessary and this certification aids in establishing the same 
  • This certificate of valuation aids in securing financing or loans 
  • It is the key part of the documentation of merger and acquisition hence it facilitating mergers and acquisitions
  • Helps the courts in order to resolve disputes or litigation
  • Reporting accurate financial statements is possible due to this certification 
  • Obtaining insurance coverage becomes easy with its help
  • Tax planning and compliance can be done easily 
  • Enhancing credibility and trust among the buyers 


Sometimes it has been asked whether obtaining a valuation certificate is mandatory or not. The answer is simple where this document is required mandatorily you have to obtain it mandatorily, but where it is directory it is optional to obtain the same. For instance if a bank is not providing a loan without this certification then you have to take it anyways. If you are thinking that you can do it by yourself as the entire process is online, you are wrong. It is not filling like a normal exam form. It is a formal document hence you must take help of an expert who can make your work easy and fill the application properly without any kind of error which may cause unnecessary delay while obtaining the same and after completing the process you can download valuation certificate online as well. 

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