Business Incorporation

Business Incorporation is the first most step in the lifecycle of the business. Startupfino has the complete expertise of registering any form of business. The key important areas which may influence your decision are the initial setup cost, compliance involved, requirement to raise investor money in the near future, requirement to issue employees stock options at the later stage, tax efficiencies and exit complexities.Starting a business in India generally takes 10 to 25 days, depending on whether you choose a Private Limited Company, One-Person Company (OPC), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Partnership or Sole Proprietorship.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Registered under MCA and ensuring Limited liabilities for its Partners.

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Private Limited Incorporation

Most popular type of Corporate entity and recommended for the Start-ups.

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One Person Company

Registered under MCA and is recommended to the Start-ups having Single Founder.

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Partnership Firm

Governed by Partnership Act and is recommended for Idea stage business.

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Proprietorship Firm

Simplest form of doing the business and has no individual business existence.

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Foreign Subsidiary

Company whose shares are majorly owned by foreign Parent Company.

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Section 8 Company (NGO)

Preferred form of registering a NGO and governed under the guidelines of MCA.

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Trust (NGO)

Form of NGO registered under Indian Trust Act and is the simplest form of Registering a NGO.

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Society (NGO)

Registered under the Society Registration Act and are preferred by the Schools, Hospitals etc.

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Nidhi Company

Type of NBFC formed for the sole purpose of borrowing or lending money only to its members.

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US Incorporation

C Corp or S Corp registered under the norms of United States.

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Startup eco-system loves to talk about us!

Timely Execution of work

Startupfino is managing my accounts and its such a relaxed and smooth journey so far , I dont have to worry about timely execution of the work . They manage my invoicing, finances and compliances in a efficient way. I wish karan and team all the very best for the future of this startup .

Ishant Sharma Indian Cricketer

On the call Solutions for first time founders

Startupfino provided Shadowfax with an end to end support in managing compliance and accounts during our early stage and helped us transition to a full fledged finance team post our multiple Venture rounds of Capital. Highly recommended for first time founders who are looking for on-the-call solutions for specialized accounting, taxation and statutory compliances.

Abhishek Bansal CEO, ShadowFax

Highly Responsive and truly understand issues faced by startup

I have been working with Startupfino on a couple of our portfolio companies. I have found this team highly responsive and they truly understand issues faced by startups. I would highly recommend them to startups for their accounting and compliance needs.

Sarbvir Singh CEO-PolicyBazaar,
Ex Managing Partner-WaterBridge Ventures

Easily able to distill the problem and provide the solutions to founders

I have been working with Karan and team with a long time now. Karan’s thought of clarity is remarkable. He is very easily able to distill the problem and provide a solution which suits everyone needs. Would highly recommend others to explore services provided by Karan and his team at Startupfino.

Kshitij Puri CEO- Ziploan

Compliance of US and India entirely handled by Startupfino

Team FINO has been there with us since we began our journey 5 years back..the reason for our long lasting relationship was the trust that the Fino team members reciprocated. Compliance of both our USA and India entity are handled by them. I’d highly recommend StartUpfino to early stage startups”

Kush Beejal CEO- NeoStencil

Fast Turnaround time and deep understanding of the business

Startupfino team are one of the most friendly people to work. They have a deep understanding of the business and help us with all our financial work without any hassles. Add to that a fast turnaround time for any task- they are one of the best start up accounting firms in the market!

Utkarsh Kawatra CEO- myHQ

Startup Founder friendly

I have been working with Startupfino for last 5 years and I really like the way they works. Startupfino helps Truelancer from its very beginning for all of its financial and legal aspects and turnaround the things quickly. This firm is a truly a Startup Founder friendly.

Dipesh Garg CEO- Truelancer

DNA Tuned perfect for Startups

We have been working with Karan and Startupfino for a long time now. The entire DNA of the firm is tuned perfectly for startups. The support which you get from them at the time of crisis really differentiates them from everyone else in the market. Karan is a master of his domain.Highly recommended from our side

Gaurav Pushkar CEO- Damensch

Services through efficient and Control Platform

The very foundation of a Startupfino is laid down by the founding member of it. Mr. Karan is a great person and getting to know that he is floating his own startup got me really excited. I really love the services offered by StartupFino and now getting these services through a more efficient and controlled platform is going to be truly amazing.

Mohit Sharma CEO- Oye Rickshaw

unparalleled experience in helping fast growing startups

Startupfino team has an unparalleled experience in helping fast growing startups right from their inception to later stage rounds. Startupfino helped Leegality for all the financial and legal matters. Highly recommended and all the best!

Shivam Singla CEO- Leegality

Good knowledge of Tax and Labour law compliance

We worked with Deepak from StartupFino and the experience has been fantastic. They have good knowledge about Tax compliance and Labour law compliance.This firm is highly recommended for Startup world

Tanuj Gangwani Head Finance- Wheelseye

Startupfino takes the ownership of work

We have been working Karan and Startupfino team for almost 5 years now. In any startup legal and financial work takes huge time and the way Karan takes the ownership of the work, as a founder you are able to save lot of time and be tension free. Highly recommended.

Himanshu Kapsime CEO ShaadiSaga